To use fungicide Stimulin easy, because it is organic. Its natural components don’t suppose a danger to humans or the environment. Stimulin is a new generation drug. It means that by etching seeds you no need in chemical protection.

Stimulin is a concentrated suspension. Can be used one- and two-fold. According to the research, double processing in different periods significantly increases the yield.

Application of a fungicide for seed dressing

Spring seed preparation is an important activity for the whole agricultural sector. Seed treatment with fungicide Stimulin promotes resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases. The seed germination and germination energy increases to 94.6% and 88.6%, respectively. Biological efficacy against moldy fungi increases to 91.7%.

The consumption of the preparation is 1 liter of suspension per 1 ton of seeds.

Application for stimulating plant growth by Vegetation

The treatment of plants during vegetation stimulates the growth of plants and, in case of unfavorable conditions, has an anti-stress effect on the plant. Processing during this period ensures accelerated ripening of the crop.

Especially important is the treatment in cases of unfavorable weather and in the case of the use of pesticides, chemicals. The stimulator of plant growth Stimulin due to the natural component works gently and carefully. Its properties of protection and stimulation of growth have a beneficial effect on the entire plant system: from roots to inflorescence.

Depending on the conditions the use of Stimulin is possible 1 to 3 liters of suspension per 1 hectare.

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