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Stimulin is a powerful protection of legumes, cereals and fruit crops from a complex of fungal and bacterial diseases.

Growth stimulator

Stimulin  is an organic stimulator of growth, actively contributes to increased yields. Ecologically safe.

Antidote for plants

Stimulin  is a mild anti-stress drug. Helps the plant in adverse weather conditions, mitigates the negative effects of pesticides and other chemicals.


A good harvest proves the effectiveness of Stimulin. The research data, confirmed by several institutes, are published in the public domain.

According to the results of the research, two-fold treatment - pre-sowing and by vegetation, brings a significant increase in harvest

Harvest of soybean +35%

Harvest of soybean +35%

Barley harvest +18,4%

Barley harvest +18,4%

Wheat harvest +16%

Wheat harvest +16%

Buckwheat +17,6%

Урожайность гречихи +17,6%

Research of Stimulin on spring wheat

Stimulin was tested in a tank mixture on spring wheat in Kazakhstan. The plant growth regulator test report is publicly available.

SPC of grain farm named after A.I. Baraeva

Research Stimulin on yield increase

Study of Stimulin on several cultures and a full report with data on yield increase. The results, which interested specialists of many countries.

Altai Research Institute of Agriculture

Research Stimulin on fruit crops

Tests of the plant growth stimulator on fruit crops. In this case, watermelons. The tests took place in 2015 in China. The report is below by reference.

Nanjing Agricultural University

Research of the fungicidal effect

The importance of organic drugs in agriculture is constantly increasing. Stimulin is absolutely organic and safe. Its fungicidal properties are proved by tests.


Stimulin was created by Altai scientists

Stimulin works really

Annual tests show how effective Stimulin is in the fields. Organic, and therefore safe, he copes with his case perfectly. It has special significance for farmers growing leguminous crops. It is on soy, the drug showed tremendous results.
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