Altai Research Institute of Agriculture

The combination of seed treatments and vegetative plants with Stimulin at these doses provides for a further increase in grain yield increment in wheat to 0.21 t / ha (16.0%), barley - up to 0.32 t / ha (18.4%), On soybeans - up to 0.43-0.56 t / ha (26.9-35.0%), on buckwheat - up to 0.23-0.48 t / ha (8.5-17.6%).

Scientific-and-production center of grain farm named after A.I. Baraeva

Structural parameters of spring wheat as the length of the ear, the number of spikelets in the ear, the weight and the number of grains from the main stalks and the mass of 1000 grains were higher in the variant with the Stimulin preparation, this yielded slightly different in yield compared to the other experimental variants studied.

plant growth stimulator

Nanjing Agricultural University

Observations and measurements made showed that judging by the appearance of the plants, that both the variant with the stimulus and in the control did not show the diseases of the plants, the plants in both variants were healthy and grew well. Plants in the variant with stimulant grew faster and ripened earlier.

Research of the fungicidal effect in the Siberian Research Institute for Plant Protection at the National Academy of Agrarian Policy

Fungicidal activity of Stimulina against dark-colored B. sorokiniana fungus, the causative agent of root rot and dark brown patch, was high. The initial rate of development of the fungus was limited to more than 3 times.

organic fungicide stimulin